Mr. Tony Morgan founded Broadwell Property Group (BPG) and oversees all day-to-day activities of the firm.  He founded BPG after the very successful 2018 exit from NationalNet, the web hosting giant that he had acquired more than 20 years earlier.  When Mr. Morgan acquired NationalNet it literally had one part time employee and eight web servers colocated in a tiny data center in Southern Florida. With him at the helm over 20 years the company grew to a peak that included 50+ employees with offices on both coasts, thousands of web servers, over $10m/year in revenue, and the anchor tenant of a 73,000 square foot, purpose built, state of the art data center. This was achieved through a relentless commitment to total and complete customer satisfaction at any and all costs. Coupled with organic growth, timely acquisitions, and expansion into new brands and new markets, the company was ripe for an acquisition by a larger company that was growing in the same verticals.

As the CEO of Broadwell Property Group, Mr. Morgan has brought the same relentless commitment to the acquisition and operation of multifamily properties. BPG is committed to making sure that every property and every tenant is at the forefront of every decision that is made.  Before any decision is made it must successfully answer each of the following three questions…

  1. How will it improve the life of the tenant?
  2. How will it improve the life of the property?
  3. How will it improve the life of the shareholder?

Mr. Morgan believes that this culture of customer-centric focus is one that starts from the top and is committed to bringing this out of himself, every agent and every employee on the BPG Team.

Tony Morgan

Founder & CEO